Patribeck Construction & Renovations Inc.

Proudly serving Western Canada, we believe that our success today is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction since entering the renovation industry in 2002. This means that every renovation or restoration project must be a complete success. From contract signing, commencement and throughout the entire project process, all the way through to completion, it is paramount that the expectations of our customers be exceeded every time. This mindset has developed many longterm business relationships with property owners, management groups as well as custom and new home builders alike. Beginning with the preparation of reasonable, competitive yet realistic project estimations and contract bids, to job-site safety, cleanliness and time management, we are committed to excellence.

Maintaining this high standard in our daily operations requires that competent project management and customer service remain our first priority in every situation and in every undertaking. It also means that each of our highly capable employees, contracting partners and acting sub-trades must always share our passion for customer satisfaction, education and retention as the result of an outstanding construction or renovation experience.

Whether your next project is a custom exterior renovation, a roof replacement or a large scale restoration, the Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Aeronautical, Acreage and Estate projects already completed create a portfolio which is diverse and dynamic. From complete interior services to metal exteriors including metal Roofing, Siding, Exteriors such as Cladding, Custom Trims & Flashings as well as a full range of interior metal products and services, through the entire spectrum of residential, agricultural, aeronautical and commercial services. We are Patribeck Construction Inc.



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